Shipping & Returns

Tri-City Extreme LLC has the ability to ship packages 6 days a week with the United State Postal Service (USPS). We have been purchasing paintball items for our own use and love to get them as quickly as possible. So our goal at Tri-City Extreme LLC is to get you the item or items that you paid for as quickly as possible. That is why when you check out you can choose between multiple companies. If you pick the USPS we can ship that package Monday- Saturday and if you pick Priority postage you should have the package in 2 to 3 shipping days. If you choose UPS ground you will have your package in 1 to 6 days. If you choose UPS we are only able to ship out your package Monday to Friday. However that does not mean if you order Saturday it will not packaged up until Monday. As orders come if over the weekend we try and keep up with them so there is no delay like there can be with other companies.

Tri-City Extreme LLC DOES accept returns with in 30 days. However the item or items have to be unopened and unused. If we get an item back that was opened and/or used it will be sent back to the buyer. If the item is unopened and unused a refund for the price of the item will be issued. There will be no refund of shipping. However like some stores we will not charge you a restocking fee. We are here to provide the best customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

We do not accept returns on paintballs for any condition or reason.

International Orders: We do ship internationally. We have resonable rates on checkout. However you are responsible for know if you can import the item into your country. For example there are some limits to countries we can ship markers to. If you have a question we can help you.

When you place an order at Tri-City Extreme LLC, this is what usually happens.

1. Once and order is place you the order status will be Order Received
- At this point Payment has cleared and we have been notified of your order.
- We will try and a ship your order within 24-48hours

2. When we are putting your order together you will get an order status of Processing
- At this point we are putting everything together. We are printing a label and getting your order out the door. Orders can no longer be canceled. The order is being fulfilled.

3. If we are unable to process your order, because the item is out of stock, it will say Back Ordered.
-If your order is Back Order, we will ship what we can out to you. If it is only one item in your order and that is back order, we will try and get it for you and shipped within 3 to 5 business days.
- If you order a discontinued product. Your order status will be Back Ordered Discontinued. We will look for the item for you and see if we can get it. We will know usually within 3 days. If we aren't we will refund your money IMMEDIATELY!

4. The last order status you will have is Shipped. This means you order is going out on already on its way.
- You will receive a tracking number.
-If you have any questions about your order.  You must first log into your account. Then you will be able to contact us on our Contact Page, and you can select your order number for us to better help you with any problems or questions with your order.